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Background and History:

Kingsbury Free Church (Baptist) was formed in the 1930’s at a time when the area of Kingsbury was beginning to be developed.  The nearest Baptist Church at that time was West Hendon, and as the population of Kingsbury increased, several people living in Kingsbury and worshipping at West Hendon began discussing the need for a church in Kingsbury.  


An anynoums donor promsied £500 in cash towards the cost of a Baptist Church in Kingsbury on the condition that a further £500 was raised from other sources.    A deacon and builder from  Cricklewood Baptist Church in Anson Road very generously offered to buy a site for the new church and have a building designed and built at a cost of £3,300 stipulating that the church must be known as Kingsbury Free Church (Baptist).  This was considered by the committee, who were all members of local Baptist Churches, and it was agreed that the the building project should go forward.  However, when the news reached the anonyous donor of the orginal £500, he insisted that unless the proposed church was named "The Kingsury Baptist Church"   he would reqjuire the return of the £500.  Efforts were made to reconcile the views of the two generous donors but they failed and the orginal gift of £500 was retured in used £5.00 notes.


A temporary hut was erected, making it possible to hold regular services, Sunday school and midweek meetings,  until the permanent structure was built. On Wednesday 13 May 1931 a special service was held for  the foundation members of the church to dedicate themsevles to wortk together for Christ and his kingdom in Kingsbury.  The foundation stones of the permanent church and present building were laid on 16 May 1931 (a very wet day and probably apt for Baptists) and the church building was completed and opened on 10 Octoer 1931.   


William Clark, the first minister, was, called in 1932 and served the church for seven years and the church has continued to be served by a succession of ministers, each bringing his or her own gifts and abilities.


Our current minister, Rev Jo Phillips, commenced her ministry as pastor of Kingsbury Free Church,  in July 2016.





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