Reflection 2

Holy Monday

READ  Isaiah 56:1-8   &   Luke 19:41-48

Today we see a startling and unexpected event. In the past 3 years Jesus has shown his authority through his miracles and teaching. Now Jesus asserted his authority by throwing out anyone and everyone who was doing business inside the temple complex. The Jewish leaders were less than impressed with the display of power and authority.

But I'm struck  by the depth of the emotions he showed that day. He wept over the city. He was furious with those who would take advantage of his people. He didn't just moan to his disciples and walk by, he did something about it. He overturned the tables of the marketeers and brought trade to a close!  It must have been choas. tables, money, birds and animals everywhere - imagine the noise, the indignation, the mess, perhaps fear, what would Jesus do next?  
The religious leaders were livid, they could see what was really happening. Jesus was behaving as if he had the right to question what they had allowed, their authority. He had the audacity to to show them to be wrong and to challenge them, and they were NOT pleased. How dare he!

It's here that the unease begins to grow. Jesus was a problem that needed to be sorted, but as long as the people flocked to hear him teach, there was nothing the temple authorities could do about it. They didn't want to make a scene. So, they bided their time. They plotted. They planned. And they waited.

I wonder how we respond to Jesus authority in our lives, to the challenges he makes about our attitudes, thoughts, behaviours. Do we just get annoyed with him for revealing our flaws or do we accept his authority, listen to him and do something about it, allowing him to grow spiritual fruit within us and make us more into the people he wants us to be?