Reflection 7

READ   Isaiah 52:13 -53:12  & Luke 23:56


Jesus had been hurriedly buried before the beginning of the Sabbath and so his body hadn't been properly prepared for burial. On the Saturday, the Sabbath not much happened, at least that we know of. All activity came to a halt, so Jesus' followers had to wait until the next day to perform that special task. 

As we think about that day, I wonder what Jesus' disciples and family were thinking and feeling? That day must have felt as though it lasted an eternity to them. I imagine after the trauma and stress of the previous day, they would have been exhausted, in shock, full of sorrow, maybe in disbelief - Oh, they'd seen Jesus die, but really? It must have felt as though they were in a dream and they'd wake up and it would alright. It's true, Jesus had told them quite clearly that the Son of Man, as he referred to himself, would die and rise again on the third day. But from their behaviour, it was clear they didn't really understand what he meant.

Look at what they said in Luke 24:18-21 Jesus of Nazareth was a prophet, powerful in in word and deed before God and all the people..... we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel.

Did you notice that they used past tense? he was, we had hoped. It seemed as though all of their hopes and dreams had died with Jesus on the cross. That Sabbath Day, must have been one of overwhelming sorrow, grief and confusion. It couldn't have been anything else.

Right now in the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic, there are thousands of people struggling to understand the death of their loved ones. All their hopes and dreams dashed. Overwhelmed by sorrow and confusion. Angry & frustrated perhaps. These people will have a sense of what the disciples and close friends of Jesus were feeling.

However, because we have the benefit of hindsight, we know the end of Jesus' story and that changes everything. We still have to wait and get through Saturday, but we wait with anticipation and expectancy. Yes, we're sad, but we know that joy will come in the morning. 

We have to go through Saturday before we can get to Sunday. So on this Holy Saturday, as we wait for the dawn of a new day, let's give gory to the one who carried our griefs and sorrows far away. 

Sunday is coming.