Wednesday 31st March

Wednesday 31st March

Prayer – As we prepare our hearts to hear God, be ready to accept Jesus forgiveness and to offer forgiveness to others ……………………………

Bible Reading – Mark 14:10-11

10 Then Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, went to the chief priests to betray Jesus to them. 11 They were delighted to hear this and promised to give him money. So, he watched for an opportunity to hand him over.

New International Version - UK (NIVUK) Holy Bible, New International Version® Anglicized, NIV® Copyright © 1979, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.



I had to do it. I had to seize the moment, while the people are on our side. They hailed him as King. The cheered when he cleared the temple courts and overturned tables. He challenged the authorities. And then …. Nothing! … What’s he waiting for?

All the talk of a ‘coming new kingdom’, a new political and religious order, has just dried up. Instead, he’s talking about being lifted up and signs of the end of the age, I just don’t get it. When are we going to lead the revolution and bring justice for the poor and oppressed? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing?

So, what does he do? he feasts in lepers’ houses. And that woman! What was she doing, fancy anointing him with that expensive perfume, and he just sat back and let her – what a waste! We could have sold it and the money would have helped our cause or be given to the poor! I think it’s all just gone to his head!

Anyway, I made a deal. If he’s chickening out, and isn’t going to do what’s necessary, then I’ll do it for him. I’ll make it happen and bring things to a head, then if he’s the true Messiah, he’ll have to let God’s wrath loose on them – I don’t, know rain fire and brimstone down on them or something. And if he’s not the Messiah, … well, we’ll soon see, won’t we?

I just wish he’d stop looking at me with that intense, searching gaze, reaching deep within me. I’m sure he knows what I’ve done. Every time he looks at me with that accusing, pitying, sorrowful look, I just squirm inside. I can’t stand it! It makes me want to give back those 30 pieces of silver, they gave me. That was a bonus and will come in very handy when this is all over. I had to do it, you do get that …. don’t you?

Read the Bible passage again asking God to speak to you

Pray – in the quietness allow the Holy Spirit to show you the times you have betrayed or hurt  Jesus, ask him for forgiveness and the ability to forgive others when we feel hurt or betrayed……..



God, as we walk through Holy Week toward the cross,

may we remember the wonder of who you are.

Beyond sin, your love is inexhaustible.

Beyond brokenness, your forgiveness is incomprehensible.

Beyond betrayal, your grace is poured out eternally.

Beyond death, your life is unimaginable.

Beyond human understanding,

your ways are always higher than ours.